Family Members

Katherine Knox

Katherine is the farm mistress and flock manager.  Two, eight pound wethered Border Leicester ram lambs and one seven pound Romney ewe lamb formed the earliest flock in 2006. Willie, Woolie and Daisy were bottle fed and lived in the garage until a shelter was built.

The farm has been growing over the years and is the home to approximately 4o sheep.

With tenderness and thoughtfulness, Katherine raises, and halter trains, Registered Romney and Registered Border Leicester sheep.


Brian Thompson

Brian is Katherine’s devoted husband and all around handy person to have around the farm. He fixes broken gates; builds fences and shelters. He runs, and teaches others, how to use farm equipment safely and effectively. He does morning chores in all kinds of weather, and is the farm’s webmaster.



Faith Thompson

Faith is the eldest daughter and has been an active participant in the farm. She started showing sheep as an eight year old, with a Border Leicester ewe lamb that she bought with her own money. She and Pip made it to three events that first year. They were a dynamic duo. For many years, Faith would show sheep at local fairs in Vermont. She is non-competitive and had fun preparing sheep for show and forming relationships with other shepherds. She was a natural at showing and always brought out the best in her flock.

Faith is now a college student studying in Montreal, Quebec. When she is home, she is a great help on the farm. The animals appreciate her gentle ways.


Lark Thompson

Lark is the youngest daughter. She spent a few years showing sheep and favored the Romney breed. She appreciated the social scene of prepping sheep for shows with her shepherd friends close by. Lark never wants any of the sheep to leave the farm. She is hard worker who helps pull burdocks before they damage the fleece of the sheep and she finds creative ways to modify equipment for functionality.

Lark is currently attending Loyola University, Maryland.