Hands & Heart Farm

Border Leicester and Romney Sheep

On our off-grid homestead, we raise sheep, ducks and chickens for our family. Our sheep provide wool, yarn and award-winning breedstock.

What We Do

We love color! We transform the wool from our sheep into yarn, batts, roving and more to showcase the beautiful and versatility of fiber.

Nothing warms the heart and inspires the soul like the cycle of new life on the farm. We cherish every beating heart in our care.

While sheep are our focus, other homestead animals keep us entertained and motivated.

Why You’ll Love Our Products

Local food and local fiber keep Vermont’s economy humming. Learn more about how local fiber is as important as local food in reducing our carbon footprints.

Our fiber is

  • Hand-dyed
  • US-milled
  • Sustainable
  • From happy sheep
  • Straight from the heart